Projekt badawczy

ACTRIS for EarthCARE L2 product evaluation (AECARE)

Koordynator projektu na UW:
dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska
Instytucja finansująca:
Okres realizacji:
1 września 2023 - 31 grudnia 2028
dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska Koordynator projektu na UW
mgr Afwan Hafiz Wykonawca
dr Łucja Janicka Wykonawca
mgr Maciej Karasewicz Wykonawca
dr inż. Wojciech Kumala Współwykonawca
Zuzanna Rykowska Współwykonawca
dr Dominika Szczepanik Wykonawca

AECARE is a community driven joint validation project, currently led by dr Holger Baars form TROPOS, that is focused on assessment of the validation and representativity of EarthCARE observations by ESA/JAXA of aerosol and cloud products using pan-European ground based observations from ACTRIS stations with aerosol and cloud profiling capabilities.

We aim at the long-term validation of the EarthCARE L2 data products through building a collocated database from ground based observations at ACTRIS stations. The aerosol and cloud measurements made at ACTRIS sites are particularly suited for this purpose, since very similar techniques are being used at the ground and from space (i.e. quantitative aerosol lidar, cloud radar). This allows direct comparisons and auxiliary and redundant ACTRIS observations from the ground serve to clarify differences. Furthermore, the distribution of ACTRIS stations over Europe (and in addition a number of ACTRIS stations in overseas areas), the harmonised processing, and the common data formats make the ACTRIS research infrastructure particularly suited for EarthCARE validation.

The Warsaw ACTRIS site run by our RS-Lab is one of the EARLINET/CLOUDNET sites that takes an active part in these activities under lead of Iwona Stachlewska.

The EARLINET tasks are realizaed by Wojciech Kumala amd Dominika Szczepanik. The CLOUDNET tasks are realizaed by Maciej Karasewicz and Łucja Janicka. In the cal/val activities also EMORAL lidar observations are ued in the dry-run mode for re-locations under simulated EarthCARE overpass track. This work is done by Afwan Hafiz, Rafał Fortuna, and Zuzanna Rykowska.