Seminarium fizyki atmosfery

Turbulence in marine boundary layer clouds: an analysis of airborne measurements from 5 research campaigns

prof. dr hab. Szymon Malinowski

Instytut Geofizyki, Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


19 października 2018 13:15, ul. Pasteura 5, B0.14

A detailed analysis of airborne turbulence measurements collected in the course of five research campaigns:
1) Physics of Stratocumulus Top (POST);
2) Dynamics and Chemistry of Marine Stratocumulus (DYCOMS II);
3) Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiment (ASTEX);
4) Rain in Cumulus Over the Ocean (RICO);
5) Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate (EPIC);
is performed.
The results provide a wide experimental description of turbulence in marine boundary layer with clouds.
We will present various conditional statistics of turbulence properties within and outside clouds and discuss consequences of the obtained results to our understanding of cloud and boundary layer processes.

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