Ill-posed problems in atmospheric physics (1103-5`ZZPFA) winter 2021

Rok akademicki: 2021/2022
Semestr: zimowy


This lecture aims at familiarizing students with the known ill-posed problems in atmospheric physics. After attending to the lecture students will be able to make use of the existing current literature in the field of ill-posed problems in atmospheric physics, as well as she/he will be able to apply that knowledge in practice for a number of numerical solutions to the problem. This lecture is taught in English only.

The aim of this lecture is to provide a basis knowledge of the ill-posed / inverse problems in atmospheric physics and to discuss their solutions upon a few specific examples. The focus will be on atmospheric lidar data retrieval (aerosol-polarization lidar, Raman lidar, High Spectral Resolution lidar).

The detailed program of the lecture will be given at the first meeting.

The lecture is open to students who do not have an extensive knowledge of the atmospheric physics. However, the knowledge of mathematics at the level of Analiza I and basic programming skills (Matlab environment preferred) are required.

The lecture is taught in English, thus language skills at an intermediate level is obviously required as well.

An estimated student workload:

- participation to the lectures: 30 h

- preparation for lectures and writing the report on the experiments: 25 h

- preparation for the exam: 15 h

Bibliography will be given during the lectures.

The completion of this course will be assessed based on the report on conducted field experiment (30%) or numerical experiment (30% of the final grade) and on the exam result (70% of the final grade).

Those who are not students of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw may additionally work on the indicated subject (40-80h), thus concluding professional practice (financial contracting for apprenticeships jobs is feasible).
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