Matched filters and quasiphase-only filters recorded in silver halide (sensitized) gelatin

Janowska-Dmoch B., Chalasinska-Macukow K., Piliszek J.

Optics and Laser Technology

24(5), 1992, 279 - 284, 10.1016/0030-3992(92)90071-9

A silver halide (sensitized) gelatin (SHSG) technique is proposed for recording matched filters. The analysis of both the signal-to-noise ratio and the diffraction efficiency of filters which have been obtained using various different parameters during the recording is presented. Two kinds of filters, which have been recorded in extremely different energetic conditions - that is, linear recording (classical matched filter) and hard-clipped non-linear recording (quasiphase-only matched filter) - are chosen for a recognition experiment and for discrimination capability analysis.