Shift-invariant optoelectronic associative memory by using a cascade of correlators

Kasztelanic R., Campos J., Chalasinska-Macukow K.

Optical Engineering

39(4), 2000, 993 - 1001, 10.1117/1.602454

We present a shift-invariant optoelectronic associative memory (OAM) which is realized in a cascade of correlators. The starting point is the OAM architecture proposed in 1995. Its crucial modification, which we propose, consists in the codification of each class of objects on the recognition filter by different carrier frequencies. This ensures the proper work of the system regardless of the location of the pattern in the input scene. As a result of such a filter design an additional intermediate layer has to be introduced into the OAM between the thresholder and reconstruction layer. We present a description and analysis of all elements of the modified OAM, with special regards to these subsystems (layers) which are particularly valid for the shift-invariant recognition and reconstruction. The final results of digital analysis of the behavior of the shift-invariant OAM are included.