Modeling of Aluminum Nano-Particles Through Counterflow Combustion in Fuel-Lean Mixture

Mehdi Bidabadi, Yasna Pourmohammad, Moein Mohammadi, Hamed Khalili

International Journal of Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences

3(4), 2017, 32-40, 10.11648/j.ijfmts.20170304.11

The combustion of aluminum nano-particles under fuel-lean conditions is studied in the counterflow configuration by means of analytical approach. The flame is assumed to consist of three zones: preheat, flame, and post flame regimes. By extraction and non-dimensionalizing of energy equations and then solving them in preheat zone and using perturbation method in the flame regime, analytical formulas for particles and gas temperature profile are presented. Then dimensionless ignition and ultimate flame temperatures, place of ignition point and flame thickness as a function of equivalence ratio in different strain rates are obtained. In addition, dimensionless ignition temperature, place of ignition point and flame thickness in terms of strain rate for different equivalence ratios are demonstrated. Reasonable agreement between the analytical solution of aluminum nano-particles counterflow combustion and experimental data is obtained in terms of flame temperature.