Aerosol absorption profiling from the synergy of lidar and sun-photometry: the ACTRIS-2 campaigns in Germany, Greece and Cyprus

Tsekeri A., Amiridis V., Lopatin A., Marinou E., Giannakaki E., Pikridas M., ... Stachlewska I.S., … and Goloub P.

EPJ Web of Conferences

176, 2018, art. 08005, 10.1051/epjconf/201817608005

Aerosol absorption profiling is crucial for radiative transfer calculations and climate modelling. Here, we utilize the synergy of lidar with sun-photometer measurements to derive the absorption coefficient and single scattering albedo profiles during the ACTRIS-2 campaigns held in Germany, Greece and Cyprus. The remote sensing techniques are compared with in situ measurements in order to harmonize and validate the different methodologies and reduce the absorption profiling uncertainties.