Development of highly nonlinear polarization maintaining fibers with normal dispersion across entire transmission window

Dobrakowski D., Rampur A., Stępniewski G., Anuszkiewicz A., Lisowska J., Pysz D., Kasztelanic R., Klimczak M.

Journal of Optics

21(1), 2019, 1241-1244, 10.1088/2040-8986/aaf4af

A determined polarization state of light is required in nonlinear optics applications related to ultrashort and single-cycle light pulse generation. Such short timescales require up to one full octave of the spectral width of light. A fiber-based, pulse-preserving and linearly polarized supercontinuum can meet these requirements. We report on the development—from linear simulations of the fiber structure, through fabrication of physical fibers to their versatile characterization—of polarization-maintaining, highly nonlinear photonic crystal fibers, intended for femtosecond pumping at a wavelength of 1560 nm. A full octave of linearly polarized light around this wavelength would enable the covering of amplification bandwidths of the three major fiber amplifiers, from ytterbium-doped systems up to thulium- and holmium-doped fiber amplifiers, with a coherent, linearly polarized seed signal. At the same time, an all-normal chromatic dispersion profile over an entire transmission window, and a small dispersion of nonlinearity in the developed fibers, would facilitate use of commercially available femtosecond fiber lasers as pump sources for the developed fibers.