Supercontinuum generation up to 2.5 μm in photonic crystal fiber made of lead‐bismuth‐galate glass

Buczynski R., Bookey H.T., Pysz D., Stepien R., Kujawa I., McCarthy J.E., Waddie A.J., Kar A.K., Taghizadeh M.R.

Laser Physics Letters

7(9), 2010, 666-672, 10.1002/lapl.201010039

In this paper we report on successful supercontinuum generation extending from the near to the mid‐infrared region in the range 700–2500 nm in a micro‐structured fiber made of lead‐bismuth‐galate glass and pumped in the femtosecond regime with a wavelength of 1540 nm. The flatness of 5 dB is observed in most of the registered spectrum 1000 – 2500 nm. The improved spectral and thermo‐physical properties of this custom made lead‐bismuth‐galate glass against tellurite and commercially available heavy oxide SF‐57 glasses are presented.