Highly birefringent soft glass rectangular photonic crystal fibers with elliptical holes

Buczynski R., Kujawa I., Pysz D., Martynkien T., Berghmans F., Thienpont H. and Stepien R.

Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics

99(1-2), 2010, 13-17, 10.1007/s00340-010-3951-8

In this paper we report on the fabrication of highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber with a photonic cladding composed of elliptical holes ordered in a rectangular lattice. The fiber features a group birefringence G of 0.82×10−4 at 725 nm. We discuss the influence of structural parameters including the ellipticity of the air holes and the aspect ratio of the rectangular lattice on the birefringence and on the modal properties of the fiber.