Ultra flat supercontinuum generation in silicate dual core microstructured fiber

Buczynski R., Pysz D., Martynkien T., Lorenc D., Kujawa I., Nasilowski T., Berghmans F., Thienpont H., and Stepien R.

Laser Physics Letters

6(8), 2009, 575–581, 10.1002/lapl.200810143

In this paper we report on ultra flat supercontinuum generation in dual core photonic crystal fiber pumped in the normal dispersion regime. The fiber cladding is fabricated from custom NC21 borosilicate glass while the fiber cores is made of commercially available F2 high index lead-silicate glass from Schott Corp. We investigated the supercontinuum characteristics for single and double core excitation by a Ti:Sapphire oscillator delivering 100 fs pulses centered at 800 nm with an energy of 4.2 nJ. Dual core pumping resulted in appreciable flattening of the supercontinuum spectra in the range 875 – 950 nm.