Large diameter nanostructured gradient index lens

Nowosielski, J., Buczynski, R., Waddie, A.J., Filipkowski, A., Pysz, D., McCarthy, A., Stepien, R., Taghizadeh, M.R

Optics Express

20 (11), 2012, 11767-11777, 10.1364/OE.20.011767

In this paper we report on the development and optical properties of nanostructured gradient index microlenses with good chromatic behavior. We introduce a new fabrication concept for the development of large diameter nanostructured gradient index microlenses based on quantized
gradient index profiles and the use of nanostructured meta-rods. We show a dependence of the quality of performance on the number of refractive index levels and the lens diameter. Measurements carried out at 633 and 850nm show good optical properties and similar focal lengths for both wavelengths.