Molding of soft glass refraction mini lens with hot embossing process for broadband infrared transmission systems

Kasztelanic, R., Kujawa, I., Stȩpień, R., Haraśny, K., Pysz, D., Buczyński, R

Infrared Physics & Technology

61, 2013, 299-305, 10.1016/j.infrared.2013.09.005

In this paper we report on the development of small-diameter lenses in soft glass with transmission in infrared till 5 μm using hot embossing method. A fused silica stamps and in-house synthesized tungsten–tellurium–niobate and lead–bismuth–galate glasses are used for replication. Optimization process of hot embossing is presented. Optical properties of replicated lenses were characterized. Resolution of 50 lp/mm is obtained.