Fresnel lens fabrication for broadband IR optics using hot embossing process

Kasztelanic, R., Kujawa, I., Stȩpień, R., Haraśny, K., Pysz, D., Buczyński, R.

Infrared Physics & Technology

60, 2013, 1-6, 10.1016/j.infrared.2013.03.010

The aim of the paper was to examine the possibility of fabrication of glass diffractive optical elements that work within near and mid-infrared. The paper focuses on the results of fabrication of Fresnel lenses with the use of hot embossing process from multi-component glasses. In the experiment lead–bismuth–gallium oxide and tellurite glasses were used, which are characterized by high transmittance within the visible light spectrum to mid-infrared (6.5 μm). As the mold a fused silica element was used, which had been fabricated with the standard method of ion etching. The elements presented were fabricated in a static process with the use of low pressure. The quality of the fabricated elements was examined with white light interferometer. The fabricated Fresnel lenses can be used in directing light within the visible spectrum up to c.a. 6 μm into optical fibers and in beam collimation at the output of the optical fiber.