All-solid microstructured fiber with flat normal chromatic dispersion

Martynkien, T., Pysz, D., Stȩpień, R., Buczyński, R.

Optics Letters

39 (8), 2014, 2342-2345, 10.1364/OL.39.002342

We present a new approach for the development of all-solid microstructured fiber with flat all-normal dispersion in the broadband range of 1550–2500 nm. The use of two soft glasses gives additional degrees of freedom in the design of microstructured fibers. As a result, we have designed and developed a fiber optimized for supercontinuum generation with 1550 nm pulsed lasers in the all-normal dispersion regime within an infrared range, beyond the fused silica glass limit. The measurement of the chromatic dispersion of the manufactured fibers was performed with a white light interferometric method in the spectral range 900–1650 nm. We demonstrate very good agreement between the full vector finite element simulations and the measurement results.