Coherent supercontinuum generation up to 2.3 mu m in all-solid soft-glass photonic crystal fibers with flat all-normal dispersion

Klimczak, M.; Siwicki, B.; Skibinski, P.; Pysz, D.; Stepien, R.; Heidt, A.; Radzewicz, C.; Buczynski, R.

Optics Express

22 (15), 2014, 18824-18832, 10.1364/OE.22.018824

Supercontinuum spanning over an octave from 900 – 2300 nm is reported in an all-normal dispersion, soft glass photonic crystal fiber. The all-solid microstructured fiber was engineered to achieve a normal dispersion profile flattened to within −50 to −30 ps/nm/km in the wavelength range of 1100 – 2700 nm. Under pumping with 75 fs pulses centered at 1550 nm, the recorded spectral flatness is 7 dB in the 930 – 2170 nm range, and significantly less if cladding modes present in the uncoated photonic crystal fiber are removed. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of an octave-spanning, all-normal dispersion supercontinuum generation in a non-silica microstructured fiber, where the spectrum long-wavelength edge is red-shifted to as far as 2300 nm. This is also an important step in moving the concept of ultrafast coherent supercontinuum generation in all-normal dispersion fibers further towards the mid-infrared spectral region.