Optimization of hot embossing method for development of soft glass microcomponents for infrared optics

Kujawa, I., Kasztelanic, R., Stępień, R., Klimczak, M., Cimek, J., Waddie, A.J., Taghizadeh, M.R., Buczyński, R

Optics & Laser Technology

55, 2014, 11-17, 10.1016/j.optlastec.2013.06.036

Hot embossing is an attractive alternative to other micro-replication methods, since its cost effectiveness makes it suitable for mass-fabrication of wide range of elements. In this work, hot embossing is presented in context of fabrication of micro-optical elements made of soft glasses for near and mid infrared spectral region. Particular attention is given to the selection of suitable materials from which the mold is prepared, in order to minimize sticking and degradation of the embossing stamps. Refractive lens and diffractive gratings are successfully developed with the proposed approach.