Optical parameters of 10 nm to 100 nm thick silver films

Stefaniuk T., Ciesielski A., Wróbel P., Wronkowska A.A., Wronkowski A., Skowroński Ł., Szoplik T.

Romanian Reports in Physics

67 (4), 2015, 1331–1333

In plasmonics there is a need for thin metal films with ultra-low scattering and ohmic losses. Refractive index and extinction of silver nanolayers depend on experimental parameters of deposition process, film thickness, wetting and anticorrosion capping layer. Here, we report on the results of spectral ellipsometry measurement in silver layers of thickness 10 to 100 nm deposited at 180 or 295 K on glass or sapphire substrates with and without the use of Gewetting layer and one of three anticorrosion overlayers. To parametrize the complex permittivity of the Ag layers, the Drude-Lorentz, Tauc-Lorentz, and Gaussian oscillator models were used in the fitting procedure.