Multilayer metamaterial absorbers inspired by perfectly matched layers

Pastuszczak A., Stolarek M., Antosiewicz T.J., Kotyński R.

Optical and Quantum Electronics

47 (1), 2015, 89-97, 10.1007/s11082-014-9986-z

We derive periodic multilayer absorbers with effective uniaxial properties similar to perfectly matched layers (PML). This approximate representation of PML is based on the effective medium theory and we call it an effective medium PML. We compare the spatial reflection spectrum of the layered absorbers to that of a PML material and demonstrate that after neglecting gain and magnetic properties, the absorber remains functional. This opens a route to create electromagnetic absorbers for real and not only numerical applications and as an example we introduce a layered absorber for the wavelength of 8 μm made of SiO2 and NaCl. We also show that similar cylindrical core-shell nanostructures derived from flat multilayers also exhibit very good absorptive and reflective properties despite the different geometry.