Studies of Aerosols Advected to Coastal Areas with the Use of Remote Techniques

Zieliński, T., Petelski, T., Makuch, P., Strzałkowska, A., Ponczkowska, A., Markowicz, K.M., Chourdakis, G., Georgoussis, G., and Kratzer, S.

Acta Geophysica

60 (5), 2012, 1359-1385, 10.2478/s11600-011-0075-4

This paper presents the results of the studies of aerosol optical properties measured using lidars and sun photometers. We describe two case studies of the combined measurements made in two coastal zones in Crete in 2006 and in Rozewie on the Baltic Sea in 2009. The combination of lidar and sun photometer measurements provides comprehensive information on both the total aerosol optical thickness in the entire atmosphere as well as the vertical structure of aerosol optical properties. Combination of such information with air mass back-trajectories and data collected at stations located on the route of air masses provides complete picture of the aerosol variations in the study area both vertically and horizontally. We show that such combined studies are especially important in the coastal areas where depending on air mass advection directions and altitudes the influence of fine or coarse mode (in this case possibly sea-salt) particles on the vertical structure of aerosol optical properties is an important issue to consider.