Probability density function computation of turbulent flows with a new near-wall model

Marta Wacławczyk, Jacek Pozorski, Jean-Pierre Minier

Physics of Fluids

16, 2004, 1410, 10.1063/1.1683189

The modeling and computation of near-wall turbulent flows is addressed with the probability density function (PDF) method for velocity and the turbulent frequency. Near-wall extensions are considered in detail and a new model for viscous transport is proposed. A method of elliptic relaxation for a blending function is applied to model the pressure-strain term. A numerical integration scheme is developed to deal with the near-wall singularity of coefficients that appears in the discrete formulation. The PDF equation is solved by a Monte Carlo method and the whole approach appears as a self-contained Lagrangian simulation using stochastic particles. For the sake of a numerical example, the fully developed channel flow case is computed; results are compared with the available direct numerical simulation data.