Tellurite Glass Rods with Submicron-Size Diamonds as Photonic Magnetic Field and Temperature Sensors


Orzechowska Z., Mrózek M., Filipkowski A., Pysz D., Stępień R., Ficek M., Wojciechowski A.M., Klimczak M., Bogdanowicz R., Gawlik W.


The results of work on a hybrid material composed of a tellurite glass rod doped with submicron diamonds containing nitrogen-vacancy-nitrogen and paramagnetic nitrogen-vacancy color centers are presented. The reported results include details on tellurite glass and cane fabrication, confocal and wide-field imaging of the submicron diamond distribution in their volume, as well as on the spectroscopic characterization of their fluorescence and optically detected magnetic resonance measurements of magnetic fields and temperatures. Magnetic fields up to 50 G were examined with a sensitivity of 10−5 T Hz1/2, whereas temperature measurements are simultaneously performed with a sensitivity of 2.2 K Hz−1/2 within the 8 K range at room temperature. In that way, the suitability of such systems for fiber magneto- and thermometry with a reasonable performance are already demonstrated in the form of glass rods. At the same time, the rods constitute an interesting starting point for further processing into photonic components such as microstructured fibers or fiber tapers for the realization of specialized sensing modalities.

Advanced Quantum Technologies, 2022, vol. 5(3), art. 2100128, doi: 10.1002/qute.202100128

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