Pursuing the diffraction limit with nano-led scanning transmission optical microscopy


Moreno S., Canals J., Moro V., Franch N., Vilà A., Romano-Rodriguez A., Prades J.D., Bezshlyakh D.D., Waag A., Kluczyk-Korch K., Auf der Maur M., Di Carlo A., Krieger S., Geleff S. and Diéguez A.


Recent research into miniaturized illumination sources has prompted the development of alternative microscopy techniques. Although they are still being explored, emerging nano-light-emitting-diode (nano-LED) technologies show promise in approaching the optical resolution limit in a more feasible manner. This work presents the exploration of their capabilities with two different prototypes. In the first version, a resolution of less than 1 µm was shown thanks to a prototype based on an optically downscaled LED using an LED scanning transmission optical microscopy (STOM) technique. This research demonstrates how this technique can be used to improve STOM images by oversampling the acquisition. The second STOM-based microscope was fabricated with a 200 nm GaN LED. This demonstrates the possibilities for the miniaturization of on-chip-based microscopes.

Sensors, 2021, vol. 21(10), art. 3305, doi: 10.3390/s21103305

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Ostatnia zmiana - 2 lipca 2021 09:46
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