Period doubling eigenstates in a fiber laser mode-locked by nonlinear polarization rotation


Yao X., Li L., Komarov A., Klimczak M., Tang D., Shen D., Su L., and Zhao L.


Due to the weak birefringence of single mode fibers, solitons generated in fiber lasers are indeed vector pulses and exhibit periodic parameter change including polarization evolution even when there is a polarizer inside the cavity. Period doubling eigenstates of solitons generated in a fiber laser mode-locked by the nonlinear polarization rotation, i.e., period doubling of polarization components of the soliton, are numerically explored in detail. We found that, apart from the synchronous evolution between the two polarization components, there exists asynchronous development depending on the detailed operation conditions. In addition, period doubling of one polarization component together with period-one of another polarization component can be achieved. When the period tripling window is obtained, much complexed dynamics on the two polarization components could be observed.

Optics Express, 2020, vol. 28(7), pp. 9802-9810, doi: 10.1364/OE.383661

Opublikowano dnia - 8 kwietnia 2020 13:09
Ostatnia zmiana - 8 kwietnia 2020 13:12
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