Observation of Visible Upconversion Luminescence of Soft Glass Multimode Fibers


Ferraro M., Mangini F., Filosa R., Couderc V., Sun Y., Parra-Rivas P., Gemechu W.A., Stepniewski G., Filipkowski A., Buczynski R., Wabnitz S.


This research investigates the visible upconversion luminescence which is induced by multiphoton absorption of soft glass fiber defects. The study of this phenomenon has thus far been restricted to standard silica fibers. We observed the emission of green and cyan light as a consequence of fiber material ionization. We investigate both the commercial ZBLAN step index and in-house-made tellurite nanostructured graded-index fibers. For the latter, the analysis of the luminescence signal permits us to determine the core and cladding refractive index difference. Upconversion luminescence is a powerful tool for characterizing soft glass fibers and a promising platform for innovative photonic technologies and mid-IR applications.

Fibers, 2024, vol. 12(2), art. 15, doi: 10.3390/fib12020015

Opublikowano dnia - 12 lutego 2024 10:22
Ostatnia zmiana - 12 lutego 2024 15:14
Publikujący - Sekretariat IGF