Numerical analysis of optical vortices generation with nanostructured phase masks


Nguyen H.T., Anuszkiewicz A., Lisowska J., Filipkowski A., Kasztelanic R., Buczynski R. and Krolikowski W.


We study the theoretical formation of optical vortices using a nanostructured gradient index phase mask. We consider structures composed of spatially distributed thermally matched glass nanorods with high and low refractive indices. Influence of effective refractive profile distribution, refractive index contrast of component glasses and charge value on the quality of generation of vortices are discussed. A trade-off between waveguiding and phase modulation effects for various refractive index contrast is presented and analysed.

Optics Express, 2020, vol. 28(14), pp. 21143-21154, doi: 10.1364/OE.397117

Opublikowano dnia - 8 lipca 2020 09:55
Ostatnia zmiana - 8 lipca 2020 09:57
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