Impacts of stochastic coalescence variability on warm rain initiation using Lagrangian microphysics in box and large-eddy simulations


Morrison H., Chandrakar K.K., Shima S.-I., Dziekan P. and Grabowski W.W.


Various coalescence methods for Lagrangian microphysics schemes are tested in box and large-eddy simulation (LES) models, including the stochastic all-or-nothing (AON) superdroplet method (SDM) and a deterministic version of SDM (dSDM) that applies a fractional approach similar to the average impact method. In LES, variabilities driven by microphysics and by flow realizations are separated using the “piggybacking” technique. Rain initiation averaged over many realizations of the box model is delayed, and rain variability increases as the number of superdrops per collision volume N SD is decreased using SDM. In contrast, rain initiation time using SDM in LES is insensitive to N SD for 32 ≤ N SD ≤ 512. This is explained through the interaction between LES grid boxes, each acting as a separate collision volume. Variability across the ensemble of LES collision volumes using SDM results in rain quickly initiating in some of the LES grid cells at low N SD and leading to a similar overall timing of rain initiation from the cloud compared to simulations with high N SD. There is a ∼20% decrease in the total rain mass and mean rain flux as N SD is increased from 32 to 256, with little additional change as N SD is increased from 256 to 512. The fractional coalescence approach in dSDM leads to reduced microphysical variability and a 15–18-min delay in rain initiation compared to SDM. An additional LES ensemble with microphysical variability feeding back to the dynamics shows that flow variability dominates the impact of microphysical variability on rain properties. Thus, flow variability must be constrained to isolate impacts of microphysical variability.

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2024, vol. 81(6), pp. 1067-1093, doi: 10.1175/JAS-D-23-0132.1

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