Development of pedestal-free large mode area fibers withTm3+ doped silica nanostructured core


Peterka P., Aubrecht J., Pysz D., Franczyk M., Schreiber O., Kamrádek M., Kasik I., and Buczyński R.


We present the pedestal-free thulium doped silica fiber with a large nanostructured core optimized for fiber lasers. The fiber is composed of over 6 thousand thulium doped silica nanorods with a diameter of 71 nm each which form a nanostructured step-index core. We study the influence of non-continuous distribution in nanoscale active areas on gain, beam quality, and fiber laser performance. The proof-of-concept fiber is effectively single mode for wavelength above 1.8 µm. We demonstrate the performance of the fiber in a laser setup pumped at 792 nm. Single mode laser emission with a slope efficiency of 29% at quasi-continuous output power of 4 W with M2 = 1.3 at the emission spectrum 1880-1925 nm is achieved.

Optics Express, 2023, vol. 31(26), pp. 43004-43016, doi: 10.1364/OE.503047

Opublikowano dnia - 11 grudnia 2023 13:22
Ostatnia zmiana - 11 grudnia 2023 13:32
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