Analysis of high-contrast all-optical dual-wavelength switching in asymmetric dual-core fibers


Tai L.X.T., Longobucco M., Nguyen V.H., Pałuba B., Trippenbach M., Malomed B.A., Astrauskas I., Pugžlys A., Baltuška A., Buczyński R. and Bugár I.


We systematically present experimental and theoretical results for the dual-wavelength switching of 1560 nm, 75 fs signal pulses (SPs) driven by 1030 nm, and 270 fs control pulses (CPs) in a dual-core fiber (DCF). We demonstrate a switching contrast of 31.9 dB, corresponding to a propagation distance of 14 mm, achieved by launching temporally synchronized SP-CP pairs into the fast core of the DCF with moderate inter-core asymmetry. Our analysis employs a system of three coupled propagation equations to identify the compensation of the asymmetry by nonlinearity as the physical mechanism behind the efficient switching performance.

Optics Letters, 2024, vol. 49(1), pp. 149-152, doi: 10.1364/OL.500292

Opublikowano dnia - 28 grudnia 2023 09:48
Ostatnia zmiana - 5 stycznia 2024 10:04
Publikujący - Sekretariat IGF