All-fiber tunable devices based on high-index photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystals


Ertman S., Chychłowski M., Bednarska K., Paździor A., Jaworska O., Czapla A., Bieda M., Halendy M., Różycka J., Wasilewska N., Kołodyńska O., Harmata P., Pysz D., Buczyński R. and Woliński T.R.


In this paper we present all-in fiber tunable devices based on specially designed and optimized high-index photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals. A special host microstructured optical fibers have been designed and manufactured to ensure low-loss index guiding and mode field diameter matching to SMF-28 fiber, ensuring low losses on interconnections with leading in-out FC/PC connectorized pigtails. We present four types of tunable all-fiber devices: tunable retarders with tuning range as high as 20 λ, tunable polarizers with variable axis of polarization and continuously tunable polarization dependent losses, tunable and fully controllable polarization controller and finally indeterministic depolarizer in which depolarization is caused by random thermodynamic process. We also present a cost-effective method to achieve change in the direction of the steering electric field, which was controlled by custom-made programable controllers. Finally, we present a method for effective packaging for the proposed devices.

Optics Express, 2023, vol. 31(22), pp. 36105-36122, doi: 10.1364/OE.502351

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