A Gaussian to Vector Vortex Beam Generator with a Programmable State of Polarization


Piłka J., Kwaśny M., Filipkowski A., Buczyński R., Karpierz M.A. and Laudyn U.A.


We study an optical device designed for converting the polarized Gaussian beam into an optical vortex of tunable polarization. The proposed device comprised a set of three specially prepared nematic liquid crystal cells and a nano-spherical phase plate fabricated from two types of glass nanotubes. This device generates a high-quality optical vortex possessing one of the multiple polarization states from the uniformly polarized input Gaussian beam. Its small size, simplicity of operation, and electrical steering can be easily integrated into the laboratory and industrial systems, making it a promising alternative to passive vortex retarders and spatial light modulators.

Materials, 2022, vol. 15(21), art. 7794, doi: 10.3390/ma15217794

Opublikowano dnia - 15 listopada 2022 10:16
Ostatnia zmiana - 15 listopada 2022 12:25
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