Field Experiment

POLIMOS-RAMOS field campaign (2019)

Project leader:
dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska
Funding institution:
European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC)
Realization period:
July 1, 2019 - Aug. 1, 2019
dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska Project leader
dr Łucja Janicka Participant
dr inż. Wojciech Kumala Participant
mgr Patryk Poczta Participant
dr Dominika Szczepanik Participant
dr Dongxiang Wang Participant

The POLIMOS-RAMOS (European Space Agency) Measurement Campaign was conducted at the RS-Lab station in Warsaw, UPP in Poznan and PolWET in Rzecin in July 2019.

The project leader was Iwona Stachlewska and the participants Dongxiang Wang, Dominika Szczepanik, Łucja Janicka, Wojciech Kumala i Patryk Poczta.