Bachelor thesis

Ultra-fast thermometer UFT-2 at various ventillation speed



Supervising institution:


Bartosz Cybulski

Szymon Malinowski

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Fizyki


The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of different airflow velocities on UFT-2 thermometer measurements. For this purpose, a series of wind tunnel experiments were carried out by placing the UFT thermometer in a stream of homogeneous air and air with an additional warm stream. When analyzing the results, it was noted that the temperature fluctuation increased with the flow velocity in homogeneous air. The placement of a protecting rod at the thermometer sensor caused additional turbulence in the flow, so that an increase in fine-scale temperature fluctuations was visible. The presence of an air structure with a higher temperature caused an inverse relationship, i.e., a decrease in temperature fluctuations with the increasing flow velocity, which is most likely the effect of turbulent mixing increasing with flow velocity. The greatest differences were seen in fluctuations with low frequencies. A few frequencies were also found for which the results suggested particularly high fluctuations. Some of these turned out to be artifacts - the result of electromagnetic coupling, while the source of some of the peaks could not be unequivocally diagnosed.