Bachelor thesis

Atmospheric boundary layer reaserching with an unmanned aerial vehicle



Supervising institution:


Michał Ciuryło

Szymon Malinowski, Dariusz Baranowski

Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


Dense and frequent measurements of the Earth’s atmosphere are necessary for weather monitoring and forecasting. However, reliable observations away from the surface are expensive and therefore spase and unfrequent.The main objective of this thesis is to assess applicability of rapidlygrowing uncrewed aerial vehicles technology for cost-effective measurements within the lowermost part of the atmosphere: atmospheric boundary layer as well as test their ability to monitor changes to the atmospheric environment on diurnal time scale. To that end, a methodology for frequent measurement flights has been designed and tested and a software for multiple measured and flight sensors integration has been created alongside data visualization and derived properties calculations modules. Benchmark for testing proposed measurement scheme has been based on literature review and other operational measurements (upper soundings). Current analysis is based on data collected on 8 of October, 2021 in Central Geophysical Observatory of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Belsk Maly, when multiple research flights have been performed throughout a single day. Results provide convincing arguments that such cost-effective solutions can provide added value to atmospheric observations for weather monitoring and forecasting, especially in data sparse region such as the atmospheric boundary layer.