Bachelor thesis

Comparison of aerological surveys obtained during EUREC4A campaign with numerical data



Supervising institution:


Alicja Kałucka

Szymon Malinowski

Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


The paper compares selected measurement data of meteorological elements (wind, temperature and dew point temperature profiles) collected in the area near the Barbados island during the EUREC4A measurement campaign with the results of ERA5 meteorological reanalysis for this area. After a short introduction, i.e. the description of the EUREC4A experiment, the method of its conduct and the description of reanalysis and data from ERA5, the data analysis was done. The data analyzed were the u and v-component of the wind, temperature and dew point temperature, on the basis of which the decrease in humidity was observed. Graphs of the u and v-component of wind and other parameters were made to check how the measurement data from the EUREC4A experiment differed from the numerical data from ERA5. Stable layers, i.e. levels at which temperature inversion took place, were also searched for. Graphs were made on which these layers were marked on the basis of data observations in which the temperature did not decrease with height. At the end, appropriate conclusions were made on the basis of the plotted charts.