Bachelor thesis

Visual disturbances in the course of diabetes melitus with with special regard on changes occurring in the optical system of the eye



Supervising institution:


Adriana Urbaniak

dr Anna Ambroziak

Wydzial Fizyki


The diabetes morbidity rate is increasing with every year. Thus, the frequency of the disease complications is rising as well. The ophthalmological conditions connected to the diabetes are the main reason of blindness in the highly developed countries. They usually relate to patients in working age. Because of the upturn of occurring diabetes the complications are a serious health problem in many, not only European, countries including Poland [17]. An optometrist, a profession belonging to health care, should have the skill of accurate diagnosing and proper proceeding with the lesions that are caused by diabetes. Variable and unstable refraction and power correction test results should induce an optometrist to order diagnostic tests for diabetes. Whereas patients with diagnosed diabetes should be ordered to control blood glucose level carefully. Correction ought to be selected after achieving a relative glucose level stability, what in special situations may continue up to a few months [12]. Patients diagnosed with diabetes require ongoing specialised care depending on duration of illness and underlying conditions.