Research project

Optical single-pixel detection based on the theory of compressive sensing

Project leader:
dr hab. Rafał Kotyński
Funding institution:
Narodowe Centrum Nauki, OPUS
Realization period:
July 8, 2015 - Jan. 7, 2018
dr hab. Rafał Kotyński Project leader
mgr Krzysztof Czajkowski Principal investigator
dr inż. Anna Pastuszczak Principal investigator
mgr Arkadiusz Ciesielski Investigator
dr Tomasz Stefaniuk Investigator
prof. dr hab. Tomasz Szoplik Investigator
dr Piotr Wróbel Investigator

The objective of this project is to create the experimental environment sufficient to test and develop compressive sensingg techniques in 2D numerically and optically, and 1. to verify the possibility of using a variated aperture function for single-pixel detection as well as to improve the understanding of this approach for obtaining an infinite depth of focus; 2. to validate single-pixel detection experimentally and to compare the l1-norm optimization approach of compressive sensing against some other methods used in inverse problems such as pseudoinverse and entropy-based blind deconvolution; 3. to apply compressive sensing for measuring optical response of layered optical metamaterials; 4. to combine single-pixel detection with spatial filtering.