photo-Two scholarships for students

Two scholarships for students

Project manager: Ryszard Buczyński

Number of seats: 2

Duration of the scholarship: 24 months

Date of commencement of work: 1/05/2024

The scholarship is awarded in accordance with the rules contained in the Regulations of NCN scholarships in research projects financed by the National Science Center introduced by the resolution of the Council of the National Science Center No. 25/2019 of 14 March 2019

Task description:
The research work will be carried out at the Department of Photonics, the Faculty of Physics, the University of Warsaw, as part of the NCN project ‘Free-form optical fibers for information systems’
The scholarship holder will conduct research in the field of fibre optics including work related to modelling, fabrication of nanostructured optical fibres or their characterisation in telecommunications systems.

The NCN research scholarship may be awarded to a person who meets any of the following criteria:
1) Is a full-time student in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, materials engineering or related.area;
2) has knowledge of English to read and write scientific papers and communicate with co-workers
3) basic knowledge of optics or machine learning or inorganic chemistry
4) ability to work in a team

The application should include:
- cover letter with information on the processing of personal data - information clause and consent clause - form attached to the advertisement. In the case of an application by e-mail in PDF format, it should contain a scanned signature.
- curriculum vitae containing information about the scientific activity and achievements to date
- copies of diplomas obtained or a declaration of a student status

Deadline for submission of documents: 17/04/2024

Form of submitting offers: e-mail to the following address: ryszard.buczynski@fuw.edu.pl

Selected candidates will be notified individually about the date of a possible interview.

In the event of resignation of the selected candidate, the right to indicate the next candidate from the ranking list is reserved

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