Bachelor thesis

Changes in visual acuity, evaluation of corneal topography after ReLEx SMILE and FemtoLASIK.



Supervising institution:


Karolina Gębicka

dr Maciej Sokołowski, mgr Małgorzata Patrzykont

Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


The methods of correcting eyesight defects are constantly developing, and the number of people for whom the procedure has become an alternative to using glasses and contact lenses is growing. This diploma thesis concerns the topography of the cornea, refractive errors and treatments in the field of corneal laser surgery - FemtoLASIK and ReLEx® SMILE, which are the basis of modern refractive surgery, using femtosecond and excimer laser technology. Both treatments change the anterior curvature of the cornea by shaping its tissues with a laser, which results in the correction of the refractive error. Both procedures were compared in terms of the patients' visual acuity, changes in the topography and pachymetry of the cornea following surgery, and the assessment of patients' satisfaction with both procedures based on the conducted questionnaires.