Bachelor thesis

Autism and Refractive Errors



Supervising institution:


Sylwia Kijewska

dr Anna Ambroziak

Wydzial Fizyki


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by problems with communication, sensory processing and motor activity. Studies have shown that people with autism are just as prone to refraction errors as a person typically developing. At the same time, they are rarely seen by eye care specialists. In the studied populations, vision defects had approximately 29-44% of children with autism. The most frequently reported refractive errors were astigmatism (18-22%), hyperopia (5-59%) and myopia (14-23%). Uncorrected refractive errors can lead to disorders of binocular vision, amblyopia, weakening of social interaction and academic performance, as well as to poorer results of therapy enhancing the skills of everyday life of people with autism.