Master of Science Dissartation

Optoelectronic characterization of solar energy devices under concentrated illumination



Supervising institution:


Krzysztof Czajkowski

dr hab. Rafał Kotyński, współpromotor: prof. dr Martina Schmid

Wydział Fizyki UW


The motivation behind the thesis are investigations of optoelectronic properties of CIGSe solar
cells under concentrated illumination. The main goal was to design, construct and calibrate an
optical setup based on supercontinuum laser. In order to obtain well-defined experimental conditions,
spectral power density and power density distribution have been measured for variety of
laser parameters. Control over power without influencing other light properties is obtained using
thin-film glass stacks. Properties of these filters have been studied in the thesis. Current-voltage
characteristic and external quantum efficiency measurements can provide insight into influence of
spectrum, power and pulse repetition rate on properties of devices illuminated with supercontinuum