Yb3+ doped single-mode silica fibre laser system for high peak power applications

Franczyk M., Pysz D., Włodarczyk F., Kujawa I., Buczyński R.

Photonics Letters of Poland

12(4), 2020, 118-120, 10.4302/plp.v12i4.107

We present ytterbium doped silica single-mode fibre components for high power and high energy laser applications. We developed in-house the fibre laser with high efficiency of 65% according to the launched power, the threshold of 1.16W and the fibre length of 20 m. We also elaborated the fibre with 20 µm in diameter core suitable for amplifying the beam generated in oscillator. We implemented made in-house endcaps to prove the utility of the fibre towards high peak power applications.