Ultrathin glass fiber microprobe for electroporation of arbitrary selected cell groups

Kulbacka J., Kasztelanic R., Kotulska M., Pysz D., Stępniewski G., Stępień R., Saczko J., Miklavčič D., Buczyński R.


135, 2020, art. 107545, 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2020.107545

A new type of ultrathin fiber microprobe for selective electroporation is reported. The microprobe is 10 cm long and has a diameter of 350 µm. This microprobe is a low cost tool, which allows electroporation of an arbitrary selected single cell or groups of cells among population with use of a standard microscope and cell culture plates. The microprobe in its basic form contains two metal microelectrodes made of a silver-copper alloy, running along the fiber, each with a diameter of 23 µm. The probe was tested in vitro on a population of normal and cancer cells. Successful targeted electroporation was observed by means of accumulation of trypan blue (TB) dye marker in the cell. The electroporation phenomenon was also verified with propidium iodide and Annexin V in fluorescent microscopy.