Supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with nitrobenzene

Van L.C., Borzycki K., Xuan K.D., Quoc V.T., Trippenbach M., Buczyński R., Pniewski J.

Laser Physics

30, 2020, art. 035105, 10.1364/OME.9.002264

All-normal dispersion supercontinuum generation (SG) in a large hollow core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) infiltrated with carbon tetrachloride is studied experimentally. The PCF is optimized to have a flat normal dispersion in a broadband range (0.8–1.7 µm) varying from -150 to 0 ps/nm/km. The effective mode area at pump wavelength (λ=1030 nm) is as large as 42.2 µm2 and readily meets the requirements for an all-fiber supercontinuum system. Infiltration of the core with carbon tetrachloride ensures a high nonlinear coefficient of the fiber equal to 22 1/W/km. Using an off-the-shelf 1030 nm fiber laser with 400 fs and 25 nJ input pulses, we generated an all-normal supercontinuum in the 850–1250 nm wavelength range.