Impact of biomass burning plume on radiation budget and atmospheric dynamics over the arctic

Lisok J., Pedersen J., Ritter C., Markowicz K.M., Malinowski S., Mazzola M., Udisti R. and Stachlewska I.S.

EPJ Web of Conferences

176, 2018, art. 06008, 10.1051/epjconf/201817606008

The aim of the research was to determine the impact of July 2015 biomass burning event on radiative budget, atmospheric stratification and turbulence over the Arctic using information about the vertical structure of the aerosol load from the ground–based data. MODTRAN simulations indicated very high surface radiative cooling (forcing of –150 Wm–2) and a heating rate of up to 1.8 Kday–1 at 3 km. Regarding LES results, a turbulent layer at around 3 km was clearly seen after 48 h of simulation.