Energy transport in plasmon waveguides on chains of metal nanoplates

Saj W.M., Antosiewicz T.J., Pniewski J., Szoplik T.

Opto-Electronics Review

14(3), 2006, 243–251, 10.2478/s11772-006-0032-y

An interest in energy transport in 3D chains of metal nanoparticles is oriented towards future applications in nanoscale optical devices. We consider plasmonic waveguides composed of silver nanoplates arranged in several geometries to find the one with the lowest attenuation. We investigate light propagation of 500-nm wavelength along different chains of silver nanoplates of subwavelength length and width and wavelength-size height. Energy transmission of the waveguides is analysed in the range of 400–2000 nm. We find that chain of short parallel nanoplates guides energy better than two electromagnetically coupled continuous stripes and all other considered nonparallel structures. In a wavelength range of 500–600 nm, this 2-μm long 3D waveguide transmits 39% of incident energy in a channel of λ × λ/2 cross section area.