PollyNET - an emerging network of automated raman-polarizarion lidars for continuous aerosolprofiling

Baars H., Althausen D., Engelmann R., Heese B., Ansmann A., Wandinger U., Hofer J., Skupin A., Komppula M., Giannakaki E., Filioglou M., Bortoli D., Silva A.M., Pereira S., Stachlewska I.S., Kumala W., Szczepanik D., Amiridis V., Marinou E., Kottas M., Mattis I., Muller G.

EPJ Web of Conferences

176, 2018, art. 09013, 10.1051/epjconf/201817609013

PollyNET is a network of portable, automated, and continuously measuring Ramanpolarization lidars of type Polly operated by several institutes worldwide. The data from permanent and temporary measurements sites are automatically processed in terms of optical aerosol profiles and displayed in near-real time at polly.tropos.de. According to current schedules, the network will grow by 3-4 systems during the upcoming 2-3 years and will then comprise 11 permanent stations and 2 mobile platforms.