Multiwavelength micropulse lidar in atmospheric aerosol study - Signal processing

Posyniak, M., Malinowski, S.P., Stacewicz, T., Markowicz K.M., Zieliński T., Petelski, T., Makuch, P.

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing VII, 2011, 818216, 10.1117/12.898160

Multiwavelength micropulse lidar (MML) designed for continuous optical sounding of the atmosphere is presented. A specific signal processing technique applying two directional Kalman filtering is introduced in order to enhance signal to noise ratio. Application of this technique is illustrated with profiles collected in course of COAST 2009 and WRNP 2010 research campaigns.