Measurement of temperature and concentration influence on the dispersion of fused silica glass photonic crystal fiber infiltrated with water–ethanol mixture

Le Van H., Buczynski R., Cao Long V., Trippenbach M., Borzycki K., Nguyen Manh A., Kasztelanic R.

Optics Communications

407, 2018, 417-422, 10.1016/j.optcom.2017.09.059

We present experimental and simulation results of the zero-dispersion shift in photonics crystal fibers infiltrated with water–ethanol mixture. The fiber based on the fused silica glass with a hexagonal lattice consists of seven rings of air-holes filled by liquid. We show that it is possible to shift the zero-dispersion wavelength by 35 ps/nm/km when changing the temperature by 60 °C, and by 42 ps/nm/km when changing the concentration of ethanol from 0 to 100%. The results also show that for the optical fiber filed with pure ethanol the flattened part of the dispersion shifts from anomalous to the normal regime at temperatures below −70 °C.