Near infrared transmission in dual core lead silicate photonic crystal fibres

Bookey, H.T., Buczyński, R., Wischnewski, A., Pysz, D., Kasztelanic, R., Waddie, A.J., Stepień, R., Kar, A.K., Taghizadeh, M.R.

Optica Applicata

XLII (1), 2012, 75-83, 10.5277/oa120107

Photonic crystal fibres (PCF) can provide the high confinement needed to enable nonlinear optical processes to be studied in silicate fibre over short lengths without the need for large pulse energies. Additionally, the capillary stacking technique for PCF fabrication lends itself to the design of multiple core fibres and this capability has triggered much work into the properties of dual core PCF. In this paper, the effect of the dual core interaction on the nonlinear wavelength conversion is studied using a femtosecond oscillator in the near IR range. Effective supercontinuum generation in the range 1300-1700 nm is achieved in the anomalous dispersion regime.